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Here you will find answers to the most popular questions related to PVC carpentry, from the most professional specialists in the field!
  • What is the most important thing when choosing PVC windows or doors?
    There are several technical parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing PVC and Aluminum windows and doors:

    1. Thermal insulation
    2. Sound insulation
    3. Durability and resistance over time
    4. Design and ease of use
    1. When are the windows installed before the wall renovation or after?
      If you plan to start the renovation, we recommend that you install the joinery at the beginning of the process. There are 2 basic reasons for this:

      1. After installing the window, it is necessary to cut the foam from the wall, and if the latter is already painted, you will have to plaster again.
      2. In the process of disassembling and installing windows, it may be necessary to break the walls. As a result, they require plastering and painting again.
      1. 4S or LOW-E glass?
        Depending on the area where your house or apartment is located, we recommend choosing the type of glass according to how much light penetrates inside.

        If you are in an area exposed to the sun, then we recommend that you choose 4-season glass, as it will protect from the strong rays of the sun and keep cool air in the house during the summer.

        If you live in a shady area, we recommend choosing LOW-E glass, for more light in the house.
      2. What is the guarantee for products?
        After finishing the work, you benefit from a 5-year guarantee for your project, for the profile, glass, mechanisms and installation work.
      3. How long does it take us to execute the order?
        The execution time depends on the type of profile you choose. For PVC profile projects, the time from measurement to installation is 10-14 working days.

        For Aluminum profile works, the period from measurement to installation is 10-14 days for white profiles and 21-25 working days for painted profiles.
      4. Where is the office located?
        Our address: Chisinau city, Constantin Varnav str. 8
        Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00 .
      5. Can I order online?
        On the website you can order a call to get in touch with our engineer, for free advice or even to plan the measurements. The online sales department manager will conduct a full consultation and preventive calculation, answer all questions and help make a purchase.

        We can also contact you via Viber/WhatsApp - Tel +373 78 855 558, Facebook or Instagram.

      6. What are the payment methods?
        For the convenience of our customers, we have several payment methods, both cash and transfer, even in installments with 0%. See here the payment methods and terms of payment in installments with 0% interest rate.
      7. How to take care of PVC windows?
        There are no difficulties in taking care of double-glazed windows. For the proper functioning of the window, you can clean the windows and thresholds with a solution of soap and warm water or with a special Cosmofen solution, a strong acid that cleans the surface of the plastic.
      8. How many chambers should be in a profile?
        It depends on the external conditions and the type of glass. It is necessary to focus on external conditions - noise, cold. The noisier the street and the colder the climate, the more air chambers there should be in the profile.
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